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M-con badge concepts

I decided to do some M-con badges since they've got a contest going. Hope I win!





Some notes for myself mostly....

Badges are "Member", "Volunteer", "Vendor/Artist", ā€œV.I.Pā€ & "Staff".
Staff badge will be 4" wide by 5.75" tall. Also the bottom 0.75"
They also want a program book cover.
"front cover should be 8.5ā€ tall x 5.5ā€ wide"

I really wanted to go to San Japan 3 but they sold out. D:
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[personal profile] jammerlea 2010-01-10 03:02 am (UTC)(link)
Stupid AA. WTH D:

I like these~ I really love the eyes!
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[personal profile] jammerlea 2010-01-10 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
Gah! The new ones are cute! I love the last one a lot!! Cute posing and faces~!