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This is the personal journal of [personal profile] sammich. I use this journal mostly to talk about my life, fill in useless memes and talk about fandom. This journal is friendslocked, because I post a lot different stuff that not everyone wants to see. I tend to complain a lot, too.

To be added to my flist: You must have added me as a friend. What's the point if you don't?
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Chucky!Toni and Princess JP & Felipe head sketches~

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Stuff like Conquistador Carlos, Matador Carlos and Femme Carlos and JP behind the cut....
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wish me luck. \o/

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I decided to do some M-con badges since they've got a contest going. Hope I win!

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I really wanted to go to San Japan 3 but they sold out. D:
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I'm gonna use this place to post all my craptacular art. Sketches, in jokes, and the like that are not for my other accounts like LJ or dA. Too crappy for even my FC2 Blog.

Without further ado....
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I wanted to start up an art journal. I was considering doing it on LJ, but I had it filtered. I should still probably do my commission stuff there since the community is larger than here. Ah dreamwidth, you sell yourself as an artist community, but I really don't know how you're different from LJ. I guess I've yet to explore those aspects of it.

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