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sammich ([personal profile] sammich) wrote2010-01-08 06:58 pm

I have decided!

I'm gonna use this place to post all my craptacular art. Sketches, in jokes, and the like that are not for my other accounts like LJ or dA. Too crappy for even my FC2 Blog.

Without further ado....

In our Hetalia RP, France (Francis) and Canada (Matthew) have a son. Nice,France. His name is Jean-Paul

Here he is having his mind controlled in Wonderland.

In the RP I play Spain (Antonio) and Jam does S.Italy (Lovino)

Lovino and Antonio have a son named Carlos who is actually Barcelona, Spain. Carlos is very goofy like his Papa Antonio. Here he is stacking toast on Lovi.

Antonio in the hot spring with Fem!Lovino and Fem!Arthur.

Antonio exchanging gifts with a Fem!Kiku.

A stupid sketch that was inspiration for an exchange fill.

Antonio keeps the pillows around JUST IN CASE.

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[personal profile] jammerlea 2010-01-10 03:01 am (UTC)(link)
lawl, sounds like a good idea to me. RP doodles are fun. XD I wish we were more productive in our RP sketches like Ivan. XD SIGH.